Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Using My Memories - a long overdue post!

There is absolutely no truth to the rumor that I disappeared off the face of the earth!   Well.. maybe for awhile.. but I do have a good reason.  I spent 15 days in the hospital. Enough said. For those of you have have visited to find no new posts.. thank you!!  And now I am home and feeling better.. I will get back in the swing of things!!

I have been mulling over in my head what to say about the MyMemories software.  Just when I thought I had it all planned out.. didn't they go and release a Version 4???  Well.. I had to take time to learn the new things before I set about writing.

Let me start by saying that I have used a number of scrapbook programs for the Mac.  Yes.. I am a Mac girl.  And for the record.. I found using the Mac for the Creative Memories software (sbcStudio)  infinitely easier than using the PC version (Storybook Creator). Yes... I actually had both.  Sadly, sbcStudio is no longer sold or supported by CM.   And since I prefer my Mac... so much for Storybook Creator!  In fact.. the laptop I was using for that.. now runs Linux.  So there is no going back!

My very first Mac Software was iRemember.  Very basic by comparison to what we do today!!  System upgrades left iRemember behind for me. All those kitties Mac has gone through... I couldn't tell you if there is a version compatible with my system today!!  They just didn't keep up fast enough.

Another Mac only scrapbooking software is iScrapbook. Which I do still use on occasion.  It has some features that MyMemories does not yet have, such as the masks.  I love masks!!  I hope MyMemories incorporates Masks into a future upgrade.

Then there is Photoshop Elements.  Which I struggle with. Very hard to use and understand.  I actually bought a tutorial series geared towards digital scrapbooking, too!!  That has helped... but I find myself using MyMemories more these days. It's just easier.

MyMemories allows you to either import your kits directly into the software, or use them as external files.  I do both. I have a number of kits installed but frankly.. I prefer to just go ahead and bring in what I need when I need it.   Support has told me there is no limit to the number of kits you can have installed.. but call me gun shy.  I don't want to sacrifice speed because I have loaded down a program with kits I rarely use.  And I can't say that would happen... like I said.. just gun shy.  The ability to import in such files is built right into the program and works like a champ.   Or I can drag and drop.  Though I have found using their functions superior to the drag and drop when it comes to sizing issues.

I also hope that MyMemories works on "Export Pages" function.  As it is, if I create new pages and then go to export.. I have to export everything again or it overwrites the existing file and erases everything else if I only export one page.. say I want a jpg to post to my blog.  That bothers me just a little, but I have come to terms with it and just wait for it to export all pages again.

That is a teeny tiny issue when you consider the really great things!  Like Word Art.  Gracious!  I LOVE the Word Art function.    Here are a few samples of word art as I was playing around to learn about the different options available.  Mind you.. these were my initial word arts!  You just have to play with all the options!!

Before we move on to other topics...  the ability for text to bind to shapes is really pretty cool.  Here is a sample:

One of the best features in Version 4 is the ability to group objects in the templates.  That deserves a tutorial all on its own.   Here is a sample of what I mean.   I grouped the placeholders and then brought in a piece of paper.  All the boxes were created without muss or fuss!  Love it!!

The template chosen is boxed in red.  I grouped all the outer photo boxes and pulled in the paper.  This opens all kinds of possibilities in our scrapping!  I've used this one so many times since Version 4 came out! It will quickly become a favorite for you as well, I'm sure!!

Readers know that I am also on the Creative Team for Touched By A Butterfly, one of the many fine designers selling at MyMemories store.  Being on the CT lets me run any scrapbook program through some paces.  I encourage you all to look over the store!   This is another place where MyMemories shines over iScrapbook.  I have never yet bought anything from the iScrapbook store.  I just made a database of my MyMemories kits.  264 of them I think was the final count..  and that doesn't include the ones no longer available.  Or the ones I just picked up this morning!  LOL!!  (MyMemories shopping is a real experience! So easy. And I love that their system tells me right away if I already bought something!!  Thank you for that, MyMemories!!)

The above image is the cover of a photo book I created using one of Touched By A Butterfly's kits: Butterfly Days.    You can easily view the pages created by clicking on the image.

The folks at MyMemories are all awesome!  They are easily accessible on Facebook... go figure!  I love the tutorials they have... and I will bring some of those to my blog over time! I promise!!    Lisa has started a group on Facebook called MyMemories - 2013: Cover to Cover.  And you will have a complete photo book without a lot of stress following along.  Mike, from support, is very responsive and will help you solve your issue.  And no.. it's not because I am an affiliate or because I am on one of their designer's CT.  MyMemories was this way for me long before I became an affiliate.. or joined the CT for Touched By A Butterfly.  It's like having friends.  Not some nebulous support department that takes days to answer you (yes.. I have had some major issues with Chronos, manufacturer of iScrapbook. I like the program, but cringe when I have a problem.)

Overall, MyMemories is a GREAT scrapping program (though it can do more.. try flyers, invitations, cards..  many possibilities there!)  The company itself has proven themselves to be very responsive and caring. The kind of company you WANT to do business with!!  If there is ever any aspect of the program you have a question about, please.. leave a comment or drop me an email.  I'd be glad to help you!!

I would like to leave you with one more layout created using MyMemories.  The kit, Antiquities, has only recently been released at the store.  For those of you loving heritage pages.. you will love this kit!!