Sunday, September 22, 2013

Yo Ho Yo Ho A Pirate's Life for me! Okay.. a pirate's life for Connie!

Connie LOVES pirates!!   That means that this week's layout challenge is to prepare a pirate layout using one of the approx 20 pirate fonts suggested on Connie's blog!  

Full details are at Connie Prince's blog.  ALL participants will receive a $1 coupon for Connie's store.  And... this is the best part!!  One lucky duck will be chosen randomly to receive a $10 coupon!  That's a good shopping trip there!  

Here's the layout I created as a sample.

I used several different kits for this layout.  I started off with Connie's Blend In Temps Vol 1 - template 1.  Then I selected from both My Happy Place and He's The Mouse from Connie Prince.  My treasure chest and skull and crossbones are from Jen C. Designs Pirate Party.  The red pirate hat is from Kelly Bell Designs, Return to Neverland.  I chose to use the Caribbean Font.  And voila!!  Oh - my photos are Captain Jack Sparrow from the Pirate Tutorial at Disney World.  And the other two pirate statues were at the meeting place for the Pirate and Pals Fireworks adventure, also from Disney World.  

This week's blog over at Connie's is very pirate oriented!! You'll find information on some of the pirate things you can do at Disney.  It's not just princesses, you know!!  

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