Monday, November 30, 2015

Share The Memories Program

These two freebies are available on My Memories from November 30 through December 6th.
Click on the images to go to My Memories 
Freebie 1
Santa's Elves by Serena's Scrap Art

Freebie 2
Give Thyself - Lower Alpha by Ostrea Designs

You must have a My Memories account to download freebies, however, you may choose the type of download so that the freebies can be used with other snapping software.  

My Memories Version 7 is now available.  Here are details of the update:
- New user interface designed to be less distracting, placing emphasis on the project. - Photos used in the album are now tracked through the gallery with an indicator.
- Blur the edges of photos with a right-click.
- Fill a .png image with a photo. (embellishments, imprints, etc)

- Text has been overhauled with a new Jword editor. You can now tab space, and wrap text. The edit mode should more accurately reflect how it will display on the canvas when exiting edit mode.
- Shapes and Imprints can now be cropped, similar to embellishments and photos. - Browse to specific image types from within a gallery. (embellishments, shapes,
imprints, etc.)
- Force images to be the same cropped size with a right-click. The bottom layer image

will crop to the top layer image size.
- You can now right-click on an object layer to display edit options.
- Custom browse icons have been added to each content panel so it is easier to add

specific image types.
- Increased the number of items that can be added to a custom category. (Previous limit

was 40 per category.)
- Rearrange custom categories for backgrounds and embellishments using the up and

down arrow icons with the category selected.
- You can now left-click on an image layer to select it on the canvas. (Previously required

a double-click.)
- Add auto captions to existing photos from a right-click.
- Move pages within your album to a new page by right-clicking on the page thumbnail,

and choosing the new page number.
- Added a paint bucket to imprint paint options. This allows you to flood fill same color

pixels within the imprint.
- Make photo boxes the same size as embellishment objects, with a right-click while

having both an embellishment and box selected.
- Tile the applied background on the current page.
- Calendar years can now go back several years.
- Additional corner rounding styles have been added. If you round a photo with a right-

click you can now choose from the standard round, or some new styles.
- Hide and show the control panel and page thumbnails from the View menu.
- Master page layer can be enabled from the View menu. Any objects added to the

master layer will display throughout the entire album.
- In addition to the photo icon under shapes you can now add a photo to a shape with a

- Preferences have been updated with more defaults for text, view options, and more. - Relative spacing guides now display on the canvas when moving or sizing objects.
- Added the cards, postcards, swatchbooks, and pages options into the share menu.