Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Connie Prince $2 Tuesday Sale

Gotta Pixel - 
Kingdom Of Animals: tr.im/Zutcl
Stars & Stripes: tr.im/MlQC0

Ginger Scraps - 
Kingdom Of Animals: tr.im/Jaa4W
Stars & Stripes: tr.im/bsBZS

The Digi Chick - 
Kingdom Of Animals: tr.im/Ctpri
Stars & Stripes: tr.im/5EblP

This week's kits are Kingdom Of Animals and Stars & Stripes. The Kingdom of Animals can be VERY useful for both Disney visits and zoo visits. Stars & Stripes has a very patriotic theme. Both are too awesome to miss!

Sorry to have been MIA for so long.  I am hoping to get things rolling again.  

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