Saturday, June 24, 2017

Product Review - Memory Professional Artists' Gouache Color

In the scope of my work with PaperCraft Happy DT, I volunteered to do optional product reviews.  Pretty cool, yes?  So here is my first review.

Memory Artists Watercolor Paint Set 24 Colors is available on Amazon.  I am a Prime Member, so I did receive the set of paints in the two day time frame.  The set was shipped in a padded envelope along with another product I had ordered (sticker set).  Consequently, there were no issues with the ordering or shipping that required me to talk with customer service or the seller, Lanpo Painting Materials & Pen Co., Ltd.

While the product description is fairly accurate, it fails to include that these are Gouache Water Color.     This is stated on the box, along the side, but you don't even see it in the photos.  So what is Gouache?
Wikipedia defines Gouache as follows:  Gouache, body color, opaque watercolor, or guache, is one type of watermedia, paint consisting of pigment, water, a binding agent (usually dextrin or gum arabic), and sometimes additional inert material. Gouache is designed to be used with opaque methods of painting. The term, derived from the Italian guazzo, also refers to paintings using this opaque method.  Therein lies the difference between these watercolors and watercolors you may be expecting!

These Gouache Water Colour paints truly are vibrant. They are faster drying and allow for layering to control your color.  The paints mix with water as you would expect and you can blend them together to create your own shades.  

What they won't do...  they don't "splatter" like watercolors.  A particular technique of painting with watercolors. The Gouache paints also do not react with salt the way a watercolor would.  I love to use salt, another technique in watercolor painting. 

What they will do... Gouache paints can be used in airbrushing, where a water color paint could not.
So what is the advantage of using gouache instead of watercolor and vice versa?  There's the obvious answer to that question: Watercolor is transparent and gouache is opaque. You use what you need based on the effect that you want.  Another advantage to using gouache is that you can cover just about all of your line work.

Why is this all important you may ask.  If you are at all like I was, I was truly expecting watercolors! Thankfully, my husband stepped in and explained to me the differences. Or I would never have known.  The "Gouache" along the side of the box meant way more to Joe. All this said, let me show you two photos.  One is a painting I did with watercolor.  One is a painting I did with these gouache water colours. Both paintings were done on Studio 71 140 lb watercolor paper. 

Bunny painted with watercolors
Using Royal & Langnickel and Winsor & Newton watercolor
which are technically beginner watercolors

Iris painted with Gouache Water Color
Using Memory Professional Artists' Gouache Colour 

By the way, clean up was a snap, as with watercolors. Hint:  a little dab will do you!!  I put way too much of a dab of paint in my palette! I would just like to see the description or title include the all important "Gouache" delineator!  And maybe a better proofreader.  The tube of Scarlet paint was misspelled! It was "Scalet".  Very minor point.  Otherwise, the paints are awesome!

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  1. Great Review, Laramie! Thank you for explaining the differences of what Gouche can and can't do when compared to watercolors. Your art is very beautiful! and your Review was Insightful and helpful :)