Friday, June 1, 2018

June Buffet Collection - Rugged

The Gingerscraps June Buffet is open for business!  The Connie Prince Buffet Collection is called Rugged.   During this first week, you are able to purchase buffet items at a 50% discount!!

This is my layout using Rugged.    We don't camp or hike, preferring our nature to observing the beauty that is all around us.  Every year, we have at least one bird's nest in our yard.  One year, a storm nearly knocked a nest from the bush.  My husband took a handle and propped that nest right up.  The mom and birds all survived!   A favorite place for us is the duck pond at the Metroparks. This heron claims the area as his territory.

I started my layout off using the Template 4 from the template bundle.  Templates are a great starting place and it is perfectly okay to make alterations!! 

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